How to Select a Content Marketing Agency for an Ecommerce Site

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Part 2: Ecommerce Specialty (How to Select a Content Marketing Agency)

Ecommerce Content Marketing Agency Samples

If you’re running an Ecommerce shop online, it’s essential to look at examples of content produced for that purpose. Content created for products and services is designed differently than informational content. For example, product content should include pricing, short description, long description, well-optimized images, and product schema.


Here are a few questions to get you started evaluating an agency’s past work for Ecommerce sites:

  • What industries? Do any industries they’ve worked with align with yours? Do you know anyone in similar industries that have worked with them?
  • How long have they been in the game? What about their team? Would you get the A-team or the C-team if you worked with them?
  • How could they help your company produce rich product content on your website that will also resonate on social media?
  • Do they have experience working with product category content vs. product content vs. informational web page content?


Most companies may present their breadth of Ecommerce experience on their website. However, if they do not, it’s not a sign to be discouraged. Some of the best writers work for agencies that simply don’t advertise their expertise level. It’s not the end of the world. Reach out to the agency you’re interested in and ask for the profiles on their content writers (plus any Ecommerce related writing you feel you’ll need to make a decision).


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