Being thankful for the biggest career failure of my life 🤔 I have never viewed myself as a great leader (I wish so much that I was one). I’d like to share one of my largest failures of my career. I know my weaknesses well (too many sleepless nights internalizing and beating myself up over […]

QUESTION: What table are users stored in with ProcessWire? Answer: “Pages” table Yes, it’s a horrible way they manage users.   QUESTION: Can I reset the password of a user directly in the ProcessWire Database? Answer: Nope, you’d need to ensure you have the forgot password module installed and reset the password that way. Yes, […]

What you need to know about keyword research with little-to-no SEO experience required. First, keyword research is a foundational element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. If an agency is going to try and help you with search engine marketing and is not going to conduct keyword research, then you should ditch that company and […]

The Pros and Cons of Regulating Social Media Platforms and Social Media Posts A lot of politicians are saying a lot of things about banning TikTok, restricting access to young adults and children on the platforms, and fighting the fauxts news that is melded into legit news so well no one can tell the difference. […]

In one of our recent blog articles we talked about the top challenges facing marketers in 2023. It included 24 different challenges marketers believe will haunt them as they sleep this year. However, the number one biggest challenge was catching the customer’s attention. Competition is stiff these days. Heck, go to the grocery store and […]

I think what’s most interesting (in our most recent blog article) from a performance marketing/SEO perspective is the blatant duplication/copying/plagiarism of each other’s lists that Google rewarded in the top 10 (heck, the top 50) serps. That was a surprising by-product of this exercise. Realizing Google doesn’t give af about the advice/guidance they give or […]

What are the top challenges marketers are facing (in 2023)? We analyzed the top 10 google search result pages (SERPs) and ChatGPT Pro version to compile the top challenges marketers are dealing with in 2023. And you'd actually be surprised at just how bad Google's search engine algorithm is (even in 2023 with Artificial Intelligence [...]

By definition, Enterprise SEO refers to the optimization of large, complex websites with limitless pages and a ton of content. It generally requires a more extensive and sophisticated approach than regular SEO. An SEO specialist may segment different sections of a site to target specific audiences.  And while all SEO efforts should strive to achieve […]

Find More Money for Your Digital Marketing Budget (When Your Annual Budgets Are Set or Used) Digital marketing is a primary way that businesses attract new customers, so most companies dedicate the majority of their marketing budget to different forms of digital marketing. However, that budget on its own may not be enough to achieve […]

What Are Category Entry Points, Why Do They Matter for Businesses, And How They Can Aid In The Success of Your Brand? We all know marketing is crucial in selling products and services. You may have the best product or service available, however understanding category entry points (CEPs) may be the only path to hitting your […]