Simple Way to Calculate Marketing Campaign ROI

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How to Calculate Marketing ROI as a Marketing VP / Director

One of the biggest frustrations for marketing leaders within an organization is being able to clearly demonstrating ROI of marketing efforts to upper management (or stakeholders).


  • It can be difficult to clearly demonstrating ROI of marketing efforts to upper management or stakeholders.
  • You wish for an easy and accurate way to measure the impact of marketing strategies on revenue.
  • We all have the fear of investing heavily in a marketing strategy that does not yield measurable returns.



Steps to Calculate ROI (Simple and Straightforward Method):


How to Calculate ROI for Marketing Campaigns as a Marketing Leader

  1. Identify the Costs:
    • Total Investment: Calculate the total cost of the marketing campaign, including all expenses like advertising spend, salaries of the marketing team, costs of tools and software, and any third-party services used.
  2. Track the Revenue Generated:
    • Direct Revenue: Measure the revenue that can be directly attributed to the marketing campaign. This can involve tracking specific metrics such as sales from a campaign-specific landing page or through using promo codes.
    • Lift in Revenue: Consider any increase in overall sales that occurred during the marketing campaign which can reasonably be attributed to the marketing efforts.
  3. Calculate Net Profit:
    • Net Profit = Revenue from Campaign – Cost of Campaign.
    • This step requires accurate data collection and attribution to ensure you’re measuring the true impact of the marketing spend.
  4. Calculate ROI:
    • ROI Formula: (Net Profit/Cost of Campaign)×100
    • This final step will give you the ROI as a percentage, indicating how much profit each dollar of your marketing spend generated.



Example of Calculating ROI on a Marketing Campaign.

Suppose your company spent $10,000 on a marketing campaign. By the end of the campaign, you tracked $30,000 in sales that could be directly attributed to these efforts. Here’s how you would calculate the ROI:


  • Net Profit: $30,000 (revenue) – $10,000 (cost) = $20,000
  • ROI: ($20,000/$10,000)×100=200%


This ROI of 200% means that for every dollar spent on the campaign, your company earned two dollars in profit.



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