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Where search meets game – oh if there’s ever a black box, Google’s created it. We have the skills to propel your organic presence to the top.

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How We Provide SEO Services


86% of users bypass the paid ads in google search and go straight to the organic listings (it’s called banner blindness). Here’s the SEO Services we provide:

SEO STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: We’ll create a comprehensive plan aimed at improving the visibility of your digital presence and ranking(s) on search engine results pages (SERPs). There’s many ways to skin a cat, but our plan includes action items for conducting keyword research, auditing your web presence, crafting high-quality content, and enhancing the site’s user experience to attract organic traffic and increase conversions/ROI.

► KEYWORD RESEARCH: We provide a full and complete keyword analysis paired with actionable recommendations that include: existing keyword positioning, competitor positioning, short, medium, and long-form keyword groupings, search intent (which words will convert for your specific industry), and a plan to increase rankings and ROI.
We show clients where their focus should be (what will return the biggest bang for their buck).

► SITE AUDITS: Site audits should go beyond simple technical or meta optimizations. We have a checklist of over 100 items we evaluate on your website. If we fix just one issue! It could change your fortunes over night.

► AUTHORITY DEV (LINK BUILDING): We only provide premium placements on high domain authority sites. No PBNs, No garbage websites.

► BACKLINK AUDITS: Let’s say you have inadvertently purchasing hundreds or even thousands of low quality links that lead to a negative penalty (or lower authority outcome). Or maybe your competitor has. We can help!

► CONVERSION ANALYSIS: User flow, a/b multivariate testing, ecommerce recommendations, and integration assistance. There’s a lot to consider and we can help create actionable next steps that increase user conversions.

► SEO CONTENT CREATION: We can create new content and/or audit your existing content! Content is still king, but it’s a new kind of modern content that rules the day.

► CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING: Track a customer’s path as they engage with your website (or other digital properties) in an effort to improve customer experience.

► PAGE OPTIMIZATIONS: Standard or Complex optimizations at the page level that can make all the difference in moving users into your sales funnel.

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There has been a significant increase in our organic traffic, which accounted for 50% of last month’s revenues.

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CEO, Gong

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