What are Category Entry Points (CEP) in Marketing?

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What are Category Entry Points (CEPs) and How Using Them Sells More

What Are Category Entry Points, Why Do They Matter for Businesses, And How They Can Aid In The Success of Your Brand?

We all know marketing is crucial in selling products and services. You may have the best product or service available, however understanding category entry points (CEPs) may be the only path to hitting your sales targets. As such, it’s essential to understand the various marketing strategies and how to use them effectively. Let’s explore what CEPs are, their history and origin, and their benefits. And we’ll show you some examples of CEPs you can use in your marketing strategy.


What are Category Entry Points (CEPs)?

Category entry points, or CEPs, as they’re commonly known, are hints that individuals use to access their memories when faced with a buying situation. These entry points (or memory recalls) allow marketers to position and differentiate their product or service from other offerings in the market. They’re used to increase brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and the recall itself encourages customers to purchase your products or services. When you think of purchasing a product or service, the memory that comes to mind is where your search to fulfill your need will start – that’s a category entry point.


History and Origin of CEPs

The concept of category entry points was first introduced by LinkedIn Biz Institute. This platform provides business professionals with the skills and knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen fields. CEPs can be used to understand customer behavior and preferences better so marketers can create more effective marketing strategies.


Benefits of Category Entry Points

There are several benefits to using CEPs in your marketing strategy, including:

  • Increased brand recognition and awareness
  • Encouraging customer loyalty
  • Differentiating a product or service from competitors
  • Enhancing the overall buying experience
  • and more…

As we’ve seen, CEPs can be an effective way to improve your marketing strategy. Here are some examples of CEPs that you can use in your marketing efforts.

Examples of Category Entry Points


You can use this entry point to show customers that your product or service offers a higher quality than the competition. This can include using premium materials, craftsmanship, and technology in the design of your products or services.


With this entry point, you’re showcasing that your product or service is more affordable than comparable offerings in the market. By doing so, you’re appealing to customers looking for value and affordability.


This entry point focuses on offering customers more options when it comes to styles, sizes, and colors. This allows them to find exactly what they’re looking for without going from store to store.


Most of us know how vital customer service is today. This entry point focuses on providing customers with a personalized, friendly, and helpful experience when they purchase your product or service.


Convenience is also essential, especially in today’s digital world. Therefore, this entry point focuses on providing customers with an effortless way to purchase your product or service, such as offering online ordering and delivery options.


This entry point is about showcasing that your product or service offers something unique, such as a revolutionary new design or technology. By doing so, you’re appealing to customers looking for the latest and greatest offerings in the market.

While there are many category entry points that you can use in your marketing strategy, these examples should provide a good starting point. Remember that it’s crucial to understand your target audience before implementing any of these CEPs to ensure you use the most effective ones for your business.


memory association of coffee to starbucks - great brand recognitionHow to Leverage The Power of CEPs

Category entry points effectively differentiate your product or service from the competition, create customer loyalty and boost sales. As marketers, we should work to identify the most effective CEPs for our particular product or service. Doing so will help us create a more effective strategy. It’s that memory association and brand differentiation we want to create.

Take the time to research your target audience and determine which CEPs will be most effective for them. Find the entry point and focus on creating a natural association. For example, the smell of coffee in the morning triggers a trip to Starbucks, wanting a long lasting truck steers you to a toyota dealership, or wanting the latest and greatest technology guides your iphone launch purchases. Leverage the power of CEPs and create a successful marketing strategy that resonates with customers.

Increase brand recognition, improve customer loyalty and drive sales.


Need help?

And as always, we do this all the time. Reach out for guidance defining good category entry points in your marketing strategy.

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