Google Algorithm "Turkey" Update: November 2019 Traffic Loss?

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Gobble, Gobble – The November 2019 Google Algorithm “Turkey” Update: Have You Been Hit?

What we’re seeing first half of November…

  • Many people noticing significant changes to rankings across a variety of industries in the past week — Monday, November 4th to Sunday, November 10
  • Drastic ranking changes also occurring in local map packs
  • On Tuesday, November 12, Google Search confirms multiple updates
  • Google says they didn’t make an announcement because the updates were “not broadly noticeable”
  • Many disagree

November 12 Update: Google Search Confirms Multiple Updates

After much anticipation, Google Search announced that they had several updates in the first week of November. The leading search engine added that they regularly update the algorithm.

In following tweets, Google reminded webmasters that they will usually announce (and preannounce) updates when it’s broadly noticeable, in that many sites will notice a difference.

Google concluded the series of tweets by reassuring webmasters, “…we have updates that happen all the time in Google Search. If we don’t share about them, there is no particular actionable guidance to follow nor changes to make other than to keep focused on great content…”

Webmasters who felt the update was indeed broadly noticeable answered with retort.

Google’s Danny Sullivan responded to the sentiment, “Our job is to provide the best results we can. If we do an update, it may mean some sites get less traffic than before. Other sites that perhaps might have been under-recognized may do better.”

Still, several cases have emerged where long-term rankings suddenly sank for websites that had great content and followed all the rules.

One person commented:

November 11 Update: Signs of Unannounced Google Search Update

Our Observations

On a week over week comparison of Monday, November 4th to Sunday November, 10 we’ve noticed some changes to our clients’ organic traffic.

One ecommerce client is seeing an organic traffic increase of nearly 17%.

Screenshot of an ecommerce client’s Organic Traffic potentially impacted by a November 2019 Google Algorithm update.


Another client (also ecommerce) is seeing an organic traffic increase of 29%.

Client potentially impacted by a November 2019 Google Algorithm update. Organic Traffic screenshot from Google Analytics.


A client in the behavioral therapy space (services nationwide) is seeing an increase of 44%.

Organic traffic snapshot of a client who provides therapy services potentially impacted by a November 2019 Google Algorithm “Turkey” update. 


Several other clients have also seen a lift, although not as significant as the clients above.

One client who specializes in corporate training has seen an increase of nearly 11 percent.

Organic traffic snapshot of a corporate training client potentially impacted by a recent Algorithm Update in November.


While another client in the fitness space is seeing an organic traffic increase of nearly 8 percent.

Organic traffic snapshot a client in the fitness space.


We’re also seeing an upward trend across websites focused on local SEO.

A credit repair company is seeing gains of nearly 25 percent.

Credit repair company seeing positive organic traffic changes.


Another organization in the cannabis space is seeing a lift of 55 percent.

Cannabis organization seeing 55 percent increase in organic traffic.


While a jewelry store saw an increase of nearly 16 percent.

Local jewelry store company seeing organic traffic increase.

Others’ Observations

We’re not alone in our observations. The SEO community is buzzin’ about signs of an unannounced Google update rolling out.

Unofficially dubbed the “Turkey Update” or “November Update,” the impact appears to be wide-reaching, affecting websites across multiple industries. It’s been favorable for some, but many have suffered great losses.

One SEO reported gains and losses across a variety of industries.

Another tweeted that multiple food and lifestyle blogs are seeing traffic drops of over 30 percent.

Owners of high-traffic travel websites have also reported drops:


The local SEO community is also reporting volatility. Members of r/bigseo have reported changes to the local SERPs. Likewise, several members within the Facebook groups that ENDURANCE participates in have also seen major drops.

This has been confirmed by BrightLocal’s SERP monitoring tool, RankFlux, which has detected volatility in the last week. They reported seeing “fluctuation across all industries…the possibility of changes to the local algorithm.”

We will keep you up to date as this unfolds. Stay tuned.


If your website has been affected by the recent update, contact us for a consultation.

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