Select a Content Marketing Agency that Uses Content Briefs

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The Content Brief – 5 Unique Signs to Look For When Selecting a Content Marketing Agency

Whether you’re selecting between an agency that only does content marketing or assessing a full-service agency with content as a core competency, here are some signs to look for in a competent choice.


1. Part 1 – Ensure they have a content brief template.

A content brief helps define style, tone, and voice. Our ENDURANCE content marketing brief has a link for clients to help them understand the difference between style, tone, and voice. A brief ensures creatives, writers, and other team members share the same tactical information about the content.

A content brief is a set of parameters that help guide the team. The assets created from a brief will only be as strong as the brief itself. You might have to guide a client through creating one in a working session zoom call. Even though it’s a bit of extra work, make sure you take the time to do it. It will save ten times the amount of time & resources on the back-end.


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